Suri alpacas are distinguished in the camelid family by their unique fibre characteristics.

The fleece is long and silky, growing parallel to the body and hangs in long, separate, distinctive pencil locks – these ringlets resemble dreadlocks. A high quality suri fleece is so lustrous that it glistens in the sunlight and feels like silk to touch.

The most important differences between Huacaya and Suri:

  • Suris have less medulated fibre, giving a better handle
  • The Suri fleece has a high lustre
  • Suri fleeces have no crimp making them more suitable for worsted fabric
The Suri represents about 10% of the total alpaca population. The dominant colour is white although many suri breeders are now breeding for colour – black and grey are particularly rare. Suri alpacas emanate extraordinary vigour, intelligence, ease of breeding and adaptability to hot and cold climates. Affectionately described as curtains of silk, the Suri fibre is coveted by the fashion industry and cherished by the hand spinner.

The winning formula:

  • Softness of cashmere
  • Eye catching silky lustre
  • Incredible warmth
  • Durability
  • Suitability for dyeing different colours

What is the Suri fibre used for:

  • High fashion fabric for mens and womens designer clothing
  • Luxury apparel, coats, jerseys and display items
  • Specialty interior fabrics and textiles