Silverstream Alpaca Stud is a licensed alpaca exporter and is registered with the Ministry for Primary Industries. Silverstream operate three MPI approved quarantine facilities – these are the only publicly available quarantine facilities available in the South Island for the export of alpacas.

Silverstream have exported alpacas to the EU, UK, Taiwan, Australia and Japan.

Since commencing alpaca exports in 2007, we have moved over 700 alpacas without incident.

Currently there are protocols in place for the export of alpacas to the EU including Scandinavia as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, USA and Australia. For full particulars pertaining to the export protocols, please refer to the live animal export section of the Ministry for Primary industries website

Export procedures

  • Animals need to be on farm isolation for 42 days prior to export
  • The export animals will be microchipped and have plastic ear tags inserted showing the country of origin.
  • The animals will be subjected to Tb testing and will have blood samples taken.
  • At the completion of quarantine, the animals are transport by road to Auckland. They have access to fresh water and hay for the journey
  • Upon arrival in Auckland they are loaded into a wooden crate and given fresh water and hay
  • The animals are loaded into a 747 freighter. The hold is pressurized and air conditioned for the alpacas. There is also video surveillance.
  • An attendant travels with the animals all the way to Europe

The quarantine and export services that Silverstream provide are available to everyone. We especially welcome inquiries from Europe and Asia. We prefer to quote on a case by case scenario – costs will vary depending on the numbers of alpaca travelling.