Silverstream has imported in excess of 1,000 alpacas from Australia since 2001. Some of the imports have been for our own genetic improvement but many of the imports are on behalf of our clients. During this period we have scoured Australia always on the lookout for that exceptional and elusive animal. Along the way, we have made many friends and learnÕt a considerable amount about alpacas and the intricacies of live animal imports.

If you are new to alpacas or to importing, please call us, as we feel certain that we can save you money and time and hopefully steer you in the right direction. It is too easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment and select the wrong type of animal. The New Zealand alpaca industry has come a long way and you may very well find the animal of your choice right here.

Points To Consider When Importing From Australia

  • It is always cheaper to coordinate your import with other importers, which may mean delays of several months.
  • You will need to organize transport from the farm of origin to the quarantine facility
  • There is a 30 day quarantine period in Australia prior to export.
  • During quarantine, your animals will be clean shorn and drenched.
  • During quarantine your animals be tested for Tb and have blood taken to test for other nominated diseases in the protocol.
  • During quarantine your animals will not have access to grass.
    During quarantine your animals will be kept in a fairly compact area with access to hay and other hard feed only.
  • During quarantine your animals will have microchips and MPI plastic ear tags inserted.
  • Transport to the airport will be by truck with hay and water supplied.
  • At the airport your animals will be loaded into wooden crates with up to 12 animals per crate.
  • Water and hay is supplied.
  • In reality your alpacas may spend up to 10 hours in the crate until they are unloaded in Auckland.

Whilst importing can be a stressful time, there is a strict code of compliance when it comes to animal welfare. All blood and Tb testing isundertaken by a DAFF veterinarian and there is a trail of documentation to verify all the processes that have been undertaken by whom and on what date. Alpacas with very young cria or mothers in their last trimester of pregnancy will not be permitted to enter quarantine.

Now before you start thinking that this is all too hard and stressful, this is where we (Silverstream) come in. All we need to know is the name and IAR number of the animal and where the animal is located and we will take care of everything else on your behalf. We take the pain and worry out of importation leaving you free to collect your animal at Auckland International Airport or from Silverstream for South Island based animals. Please remember New Zealand GST will be payable on the purchase price(converted to NZ dollars) plus the price of the air freight and any MPI fees on arrival in Auckland.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.