Silverstream has sourced animals from Peru, the USA and Australia over many years creating a wide diversity of genetics. Many of the bloodlines will be well- known to established alpaca breeders both in New Zealand and Europe.

Our catch phrase ‘ Silverstream for Dam Good Dams” is still as valid today as it was when we first started importing. We have always been prepared to pay top dollar for the right animal.

The handle of the fleece and the lack of guard hair have been uppermost in our minds when selecting animals for purchase. Our show successes are testament to the quality of our herd with over 70 supreme champion wins at major shows throughout New Zealand.

All animals are registered on the International Alpaca Registry (IAR) and are of a high standard of quality.

Silverstream offer free delivery to any property within a 50km radius of Kaiapoi.

All animals will be dosed and given a health clearance before delivery.