Protector of the Environment

  • Alpacas generally consolidate their faeces in selected spots in the pasture, thereby making it easy to collect and remove. This is especially noticeable in smaller herds.
  • Alpaca dung is great fertilizer for the garden when composted
  • The restricted dung spots prevent the spread of parasites
  • The alpacas feet are padded leaving even wet pastures relatively undamaged
  • The alpaca is a modified ruminant, not only eating less grass than most other animals but converting it to energy very efficiently
  • Being of the camelid family, alpacas thrive on less water than most animals
  • The alpaca does not ring bark or eat trees however they will eat leaves
  • The alpaca produces enough fleece to produce several soft jerseys each year
  • The alpaca is a great guard animal and will warn off predators